Plywood Tips – Wooden furniture has been one of the household necessities in every home in various countries for a long time. Furniture made of wood has its charm, because not only does it offer a stunning look, but also wood materials can last a long time if treated in the right way

Of course, many family heirlooms over the years made from the finest quality Indonesian plywood can be enjoyed for generations to come. It all comes down to how we take care of them. One of the things that need to be considered is keeping the furniture clean so that it is always in top condition.

Given the various privileges that plywood furniture has, here are some tips on how to maintain plywood furniture that are simple yet very effective to ensure your plywood furniture stays in top condition for a long period of time:

Tip 1 of caring for plywood furniture:


One of the easy ways to maintain plywood furniture is to clean the dust, this is to keep the plywood furniture neat and beautiful.

It is very easy to clean the surface of plywood, just use a dry microfiber cloth at least once a week. If your furniture has a lot of dust due to geographical or climatic conditions, then you can dust more often, as needed.

Tip 2 of caring for plywood furniture:


Oil and grime are more durable than dust and can even get into the crevices of the furniture. If left unchecked, this can result in damage to the surface of your furniture or even cause discoloration.

To solve this problem, simply use a soft brush to remove dirt, food particles and grease from hard-to-reach areas. This method can extend the life of your plywood furniture efficiently.

Tip 3 of caring for plywood furniture:

Cleaning up Spills

Accidentally spilling liquids or food is a common occurrence in homes, especially homes with children or pets. It is best to clean up the spill immediately to avoid stains. Do not leave the spill for a long time.

Tip 4 of caring for plywood furniture:

Coping with Moisture

Moisture is one of the true enemies of plywood furniture. Although furniture made of plywood is waterproof and effective against it.

However, still take good care of the plywood furniture, by placing the home furnishings in an area that has good ventilation or allows air to enter the house from time to time.

Tips 5 for caring for plywood furniture:

Sun protection

Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can reduce the allure of furniture.

So, try to place your furniture away from direct sunlight or try to reduce the intensity of sunlight falling on the furniture with curtains and other types of coverings.

Tips 6 on caring for plywood furniture:


Furniture that is often subjected to heavy traffic is prone to scratches, bumps, or dents. Then surface solutions such as laminates and veneers can protect it to some extent.

But it is inevitable that furniture will wear out due to poor maintenance. Try using accessories such as edge protectors to protect the furniture. This method can be an alternative, you can use tablecloths, mats, and so on for aesthetic and functional purposes.

Tips 7 for caring for plywood furniture:

DIY Cleaning Solutions

Plywood furniture should be cleaned regularly, you can use a soft cloth and a gentle wood-specific cleaning solution. You can make your own at home with simple ingredients available in your kitchen.

Mix 1 cup of water, ¼ cup of white vinegar and 2 teaspoons of mineral oil or coconut oil, and you have a gentle plywood cleaning agent!

You can also mix a mild soap-based cleaner with water and use the diluted solution combined with a microfiber cloth to wipe the dirty surface clean.

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