Plywood Related Services

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Plywood Samples for You

  • Please make Sure you have Your Own DHL or FedEx Account to Receive Plywood Sample from Us
  • Plywood free samples are small pieces of plywood that are offered by some plywood manufacturers or suppliers to potential customers or partners for free. Plywood free samples can help them evaluate the quality, design, and performance of the plywood products before making a purchase or a deal.
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Plywood Pricelist Quotation for You

A plywood pricelist quotation From Mega Plywood Indonesia ( MPI ) is a document that shows the prices of different types and sizes of plywood products offered by a plywood manufacturer or supplier. A plywood pricelist quotation can help potential customers or partners compare and choose the best plywood products for their needs and budget.

To ask a plywood pricelist quotation from us , you may need to consider the following factors:

  • The source and quality of the plywood materials, such as the species, grade, and certification of the wood veneer
  • The dimensions and thickness of the plywood products, such as the length, width, and number of plies
  • The quantity and availability of the plywood products, such as the minimum order, lead time, and stock status
  • The delivery and payment terms and conditions, such as the shipping method, cost, and duration, and the payment method, currency, and discount
    • FOB Price : Price for Shipment Until Indonesian Local Port
    • CIF Price : Price for Shipment until Your Country Port

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Plywood Factory Visit

  • A plywood factory Visit is a service that allows potential customers or partners to see how plywood is made in a factory. It can help you understand the quality, efficiency, and sustainability of the our plywood production process, as well as the challenges and opportunities faced by the plywood industry.
  • A plywood factory Visit can also be a way to showcase the products and services of a plywood company, such as its variety, design, performance, and innovation. It can help you, choose the right plywood manufacturer.
  • A plywood factory Visit usually involves several steps, such as planning, preparation, conducting, and follow-up. The company should ensure that the factory is clean, organized, and ready for the visit. The company should also provide relevant information and materials for the visitors, such as brochures, catalogs, samples, videos, etc.
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