Definition of Plywood Phenolic Film

The Best Export Plywood From Indonesia – Plywood Phenolic Film -Plywood Phenolic Film or plywood which has several types but different functions, for example the type of plywood phenolic film which is commonly used in the construction sector. With the development of technology, humans can design and make materials for construction and furniture purposes. Plywood is entering the industrial revolution, because it is often used in various fields and is produced in large quantities.

The Best Plywood From Indonesia Plywood Film Face

Plywood Phenolic Film – Plywood film face multiplex is produced for covering and shaping concrete because this plywood is resistant to water and the film layer is up to 10 layers, while poly resin is up to 6 layers. The outer layer of this type has a surface that is resistant to water, strong, and has a layer that can be cleaned and can be used many times. This plywood is used for the walls of tall buildings, formwork (cast retaining boards), highway construction, bridge construction and others.

Plywood Film Face Specifications

The Best Export Plywood From Indonesia specifications

  • Has a sizeable plywood dimension (122x244cm)
  • Made from Mixed Meranti Hardwood and Albasia Falcata
  • Commonly used for Construction, Casting, Formwork, and Concrete, the cast surface will be smooth and even
  • GLUE: WBP Phenol, MR T1,5
  • It can be used repeatedly 2-4 times
  • Available Surface Film Single Face and Double Face

Conclusion The best Plywood from Indonesia is Plywood Phenolic Film

Plywood phenolic film is plywood that is coated on both sides or one side with a phenolic layer. This plywood is available at our shop Mega Plywood Indonesia a company engaged in the field of Indonesian plywood ready to partner and also ready to supply plywood