Plywood Export Indonesia – Plywood is a processed wood product made of several thin layers of wood arranged crosswise and glued together with special glue or adhesive.

For the type of wood, Indonesian plywood generally uses wood species such as teak, meranti, jabon, and sengon. 

This plywood is usually used to make various kinds of furniture, home furnishings, home construction, and other industrial purposes.

Getting to know Indonesia’s plywood species  

Sengon (Albizia chinensis)

This native habitat wood species native to Indonesia is known as a good plywood material.

Sengon itself is a fast-growing tree species that is commonly planted as a plantation crop.

Sengon wood has fine fibers and is easy to process, making it suitable for use as a base material for making plywood.

Indonesian sengon plywood has advantages in terms of good strength and durability and the price is relatively cheaper than plywood from meranti wood or plywood. 

In addition, sengon plywood also has good resistance to termite and mold attacks. Sengon plywood is usually used to make household furniture such as cabinets, tables, and chairs. 

Plywood Export Indonesia – Although it is a softwood, Indonesian sengon plywood can also be used for construction purposes such as walls, ceilings, and floors. 

The use of sengon plywood is quite popular due to its advantages and the abundant availability of goods. 

However, keep in mind that the quality of sengon plywood varies depending on the processing and supervision carried out during the production process.

Meranti (Shorea spp.)

Indonesian meranti plywood is one type of plywood originating from Indonesia. Meranti tree wood grows in forests in Indonesia, mainly distributed in Sumatra, Kalimantan, and Papua. 

Plywood Export Indonesia – Meranti is one of the most common types of wood used to make plywood because meranti wood has properties that are easy to process and resistant to weather and insects.

Indonesian meranti plywood is often used in making furniture, building construction, and wall panels. Meranti plywood has a smooth texture and varies in color from pink to brownish red. 

Meranti plywood has good strength and is resistant to water making it suitable for use in humid environments. Indonesia is one of the largest producers of meranti plywood in the world, with thousands of tons of meranti plywood exported every year.

Jabon (Anthocephalus cadamba)

Next is Jabon wood, one of Indonesia’s native plants. Jabon plywood has a smooth fiber layer and is easy to process, as well as a smooth and uniform texture.

Plywood Export Indonesia – The advantages of jabon plywood are its good resistance to water and termites and its relatively affordable price. 

This plywood can be used as a material for various wood products such as furniture, doors, windows, and so on.

In addition, the use of jabon plywood is also considered environmentally friendly because jabon trees grow quickly and can be replanted after harvesting.

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Why is plywood the choice? 

Indonesian plywood is often used in construction and furniture making, as it has strength and longevity. Indonesian plywood is also popular as a base material for ship and boat building.

Indonesia’s Plywood Advantage 

Indonesia is one of the largest plywood producers in the world. Indonesian plywood is famous for its good quality and competitive price. 

There are several types of Indonesian plywood known in the market, including plywood coated with hardwood veneer, film plywood, and resin-coated plywood. 

To distinguish it can be seen from the coating such as film plywood has a layer of melamine film that makes it more resistant to water and scratches. 

While resin-coated plywood is more resistant to moisture and can be used in very humid environments. 

Indonesia is one of the largest plywood producers in the world, and Indonesian plywood is exported to various countries in the world. One of them is us, Mega Plywood Indonesia is one of Indonesia’s plywood supply companies.


Indonesian plywood has many benefits

Here are some conclusions regarding the use of plywood:

1. Strong and durable: 

Indonesian plywood has excellent strength and is resistant to pressure and shock. This makes plywood an ideal material for use in building construction.

2. Easy to process: 

Plywood can be cut and shaped, making it an easy material to process and adapt to a wide variety of projects.

3. Resistant to moisture: 

Plywood has good moisture resistance properties, which makes it suitable for use in water-prone areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, and basements.

4. Affordable price: 

Plywood is relatively cheaper than other types of solid wood. This makes it a popular choice for projects on a budget.

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