Indonesian marine-grade Plywood – Marine-grade plywood is a type of hardwood board that is equipped to withstand rain, snow, and moisture consistently. Realize what marine pressed wood is and venture the best for it.

Indonesian marine-grade plywood – Such as manufacturing outdor furniture, decks, terraces, and boats. Marine grade plywood is known for its strength and sturdiness, this type of plywood is perfect in dealing with long-term components.

What is Marine Grade Plywood?

Marine grade plywood (also called marine pressed wood) is a hardwood board that is great for withstanding rain, snow, and moisture consistently.

One type of marine-grade pressed wood

Unlike conventional pressure-treated amble, marine-grade plywood is compressed and not treated with synthetics. This is done to build in protection from decay, form, as well as moisture. That’s because marine-grade plywood is made up of many layers bonded together with a waterproof paste. These layers are cross-layered again for added strength, and the board is reinforced under intensity and tension.

Choose this type of wood according to size, thickness, and grade. Mega Plywood Indonesia has a stock of marine pressure-treated timber Export standards are used for marine special purposes. Our marine-grade plywood is the best-priced option on the market today.

What are the Advantages of Marine Grade Plywood?

indonesian marine-grade plywood – Unlike various other types of plywood, marine pressed wood is bonded with a waterproof paste that will not fall off when exposed to water, high humidity, and bubbling temperatures, thus protecting the pressed wood from delamination.

The thin coating makes marine-grade pressed wood easy to cut and sand, and the higher areas have higher strength, with limited surrender.

Still, have questions about choosing marine plywood for your task? Indonesian plywood has good durability and many options.
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