Definition of Plywood full of hardwood

Plywood full hardwood of hardwood – What is hardwood? Hardwood is wood that comes from trees with wide or larger leaves, every year when entering winter the leaves will fall. This will not happen if the tree grows in the tropics or areas that only have two seasons.
Trees producing hardwoods tend to grow more slowly, so their densities are higher. If hardwood is denser, it is also heavier than softwood. High-density results in better resistance of hardwoods to moisture after reaching EMC (Equilibrium Moisture Content). That’s why most hardwoods are more durable in outdoor conditions. The color of hardwoods is usually darker. Because the pores are more beautiful and different colors bring visible grain patterns to the wood.

Plywood full hardwood in Furniture

Plywood full hardwood – Mega Plywood Indonesia provides Plywood hardwood because more are looking for it to be used to make outdoor furniture because of its resistance to weather changes. As explained above, hardwood is denser, meaning that humidity does not easily affect changes in the shape of the wood, so this type of hardwood can be more stable and even stronger. Even in certain types of indoor furniture such as chairs, and cupboards for example, the frame parts are chosen using hardwood types, and combined with softwood types for the backrest or other components that do not affect the strength structure of the chair.

The conclusion of full hardwood plywood

Our shop Mega Plywood Indonesia uses mr glue adhesive products, face back, short core and longcore using full meranti wood. MThe benefit of this product is its durability because the wood has a good structure and quality