Good Indonesian Plywood – Wood products have many advantages, especially if they are made of high-quality wood. However, how do you know if a wood product uses high-quality wood? Identifying the quality of a wood product is a bit tricky. Here we share some of the characteristics of high-quality wood in wood products.


Wood comes in different shapes and sizes. Different types of wood may offer distinct advantages and disadvantages. Solid wood is considered the best wood category. As the name suggests, this type of wood has good quality to be used as plywood. Because the core is solid. The solid wood construction can be repaired several times, increasing its durability.

In addition, solid wood construction can withstand bending and cracking better than other types of wood. The undercoat of this type of wood is particleboard. Particleboard is made of pressed wood chips or particles. Due to the material, it is very weak against weather and water. Its strength is good, although its durability is not comparable to that of solid wood.


Good Indonesian Plywood – High-quality wood has a straight and sturdy structure. The best wood is wood that is strong and does not bend. Identifying high-quality wood for your construction or furniture is important. Wood products with high-quality wood will last longer and stand stronger. Mega Plywood Indonesia plywood has passed the feasibility test following the provisions.


The internet is one of the doors of knowledge. New things are discovered every day. Through the internet, you can determine which wood has the best quality by doing research with the wood manufacturer. The manufacturer’s profile, which you can find on the Internet, is a sign of its quality. A manufacturer’s reputation can show you how satisfactory their product is. Years of experience in this business can give you information on how the company is growing. Check with the manufacturer of your choice to help you determine if your wood is high-quality wood.


Although the quality of the wood mainly depends on the interior composition of the wood, the external appearance is also important.

High-quality wood should have a good finish, as the finish not only enhances the wood but also increases its resistance to the elements. You can see the smooth wood surface, even tone, and strong wood color with a smooth finish.

Characteristics of Good Plywood


High-quality wood is not susceptible to termites, which means it can last for years.


It is not easy to grow mold which tends to grow due to excessive moisture.


Fire retardant wood gives people more time to escape in the event of a fire.


Waterproof wood will not rot easily.

That’s the way to identify high-quality plywood. Indonesian Plywood comes from high-quality trees and has a strong structure and excellent finish. This quality makes Indonesian Plywood products your choice. Did you know that Mega Plywood Indonesia products have these four advantages? What are you waiting for? You can use it to build your dream project. Contact us now