The Existence of Indonesian Plywood – Plywood is a building material made of thin sheets of wood that are joined together with the direction of the wood fibers crossing each other.

Today, the use of plywood is extensive across the globe, whether in the world of home and building construction, furniture manufacturing, packaging manufacturing, and various other applications.

According to the latest data from Allied Market Research, the global plywood market is expected to reach approximately USD 89.6 billion by 2020 and is expected to continue growing at a healthy rate in the coming years.

Factors driving the growth of this market include the growing demand for home and building construction across the globe, as well as the increasing use of plywood in the furniture and packaging industries.

Indonesian Plywood 

Plywood is one of the popular building materials used in house construction, furniture, and interior decoration.
Indonesia is one of the largest plywood producers in the world with high-quality plywood products that have been exported to various countries.

Indonesian plywood is known for its good quality and diversity that can meet market needs. Plywood is a wood product that consists of several thin layers of wood glued together with a strong special glue.

Plywood can be produced from various types of wood, but Indonesian plywood is usually made from teak, meranti, or sengon/Albasian.

The wood comes from well-managed forests, so the use of Indonesian plywood has a positive impact on the environment as well as the economy.

 Benefits of Indonesian Plywood

The Existence of Indonesian Plywood -The advantages of Indonesian plywood are its high strength and resistance to weather and moisture.

Indonesian plywood is also easy to cut and carve, making it suitable for making various types of products such as tables, chairs, cabinets, and more.

Not only that, but Indonesian plywood can also be used for various construction purposes, such as making walls, floors, and roofs.

Indonesian plywood used for construction purposes is usually thicker and coated with waterproof materials to maintain its strength in extreme weather conditions.

Indonesia has several advantages in plywood production, including:

Good wood quality: 

Indonesia has many wood species that have good quality when processed into plywood, such as meranti wood, sengon wood, and teak wood.

These woods have good wood fiber and high durability, resulting in quality plywood products.

Abundant natural resources: 

Indonesia has a large area of sustainable tropical forests that provide abundant natural resources for plywood production.

These forests provide wood of various qualities that can be selected according to needs.

Skilled labor: 

The plywood industry in Indonesia has developed over the years and there are many skilled workers in plywood production. This helps to ensure that the quality of the products produced is satisfactory.

Competitive price: 

Indonesia can produce plywood at a relatively lower price compared to other producing countries. This makes plywood products from Indonesia more competitive in the international market.

Conducive business environment: 

The Indonesian government has provided support for the plywood industry, such as financial incentive policies and conducive regulations.

This helps ensure a good business environment for plywood manufacturers in Indonesia.


However, like other wood products, Indonesian plywood also requires care and protection to remain durable and long-lasting.

Indonesian plywood can be preserved by using certain chemicals or given a protective coating such as paint or varnish.
Sustainable use of Indonesian plywood should also be considered, by ensuring that the wood used comes from responsibly managed forests.

Overall, Indonesian plywood is a good choice for construction, furniture, and interior decoration needs. Its superior strength and diversity make Indonesian plywood a desirable product for the global market.

However, sustainable use of Indonesian plywood and good maintenance must also be considered to maximize its benefits and durability.

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