Indonesian Original plywood – Plywood furniture is currently a popular choice due to its affordability, versatility, and modern aesthetic elements.

Do you have a sleek plywood dining table, a stylish bookcase, or contemporary chairs made of plywood? Make sure to take proper care of it, it’s all very important to ensure that the furniture can have a long life and retain its original beauty.

In this guide, Mega Plywood Indonesia will discuss effective ways to care for and maintain plywood furniture.


For the first method, regular cleaning is very important to maintain the appearance of the plywood furniture. Follow these steps:

Dusting regularly:

Do not underestimate the dust, because this dust if left unchecked will stick and get into the sidelines of plywood.

To clean it, use a soft, lint-free cloth to dust the furniture regularly. Dust can settle on the surface and, if left unchecked, can cause scratches over time.

Avoid harsh chemicals:

When cleaning plywood furniture, you should choose a mild soapy water solution, as harsh chemicals can damage the finish and compromise the integrity of the plywood.

Clean up spills immediately:

Accidents can happen at any time. When furniture is exposed to spilled liquids, wipe it up immediately with a clean, dry cloth.

Avoid leaving moisture on the surface for a long time, as it can cause warping of the plywood.

Sunlight Protection:

Furniture plywood can become sensitive if it continues to be exposed to direct sunlight for long periods. So to protect your furniture:

Use window coverings: 

We recommend using curtains or shades to minimize direct sunlight exposure, in addition to preventing the plywood from fading or changing color, it will be able to make the room more aesthetic.

Rotate or rearrange furniture: 

If possible, rotate or rearrange your furniture periodically to ensure even light exposure. All of them can prevent fading or uneven discoloration of plywood furniture.

Avoid Extreme Temperature and Humidity:

Although plywood is strong against moisture, we must remain vigilant against extreme changes in temperature and humidity, as they can cause warping or cracking. So to reduce this risk, do:

Maintain a stable environment: 

Keep the temperature and humidity levels in the room consistent. Avoid placing plywood furniture near heaters, radiators, or air conditioning units.

Use dehumidifiers: 

If the area you live in has a humid climate, consider using a dehumidifier to regulate humidity levels and prevent damage.

Protective Measures:

Use coasters and placemats: 

One of the problems with plywood furniture is scratches. It can all be solved by using a placemat every time you serve hot drinks or food. This simple practice can significantly extend the life of your plywood furniture.

Apply furniture wax or polish: 

Periodically applying high-quality furniture wax or polish can enhance the protective layer on the plywood and provide additional resistance to scratches and stains.

Repair and Refinishing:

Address scratches immediately: 

If scratches occur, try to address them immediately by using touch-up tools or furniture markers that match the color of your plywood.

This can prevent minor damage from turning into a more significant problem.

Re-polish when necessary: 

Over time, the finish on plywood furniture is bound to wear off.

Then you can consider refinishing the furniture if needed to restore its original luster. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for suitable refinishing products.


Indonesian Original Plywood – With proper care and attention, the plywood furniture in your home can last for years to come.

By following these tips, hopefully, you can ensure that your plywood furniture continues to beautify your living space with its timeless appeal.

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