Export Plywood Indonesia – They share a similar name, but Baltic Birch plywood and standard birch plywood have some key differences.
These can affect the strength, safety, and general visual appeal of your project.

Mega Plywood Indonesia will review the differences between standard birch plywood and Baltic birch plywood.
Which one is best for your current needs?

Here is the review:

Veneer Thickness

First comparison

Both types of pressed wood show a birch facade on the face and back of each sheet. The facade of Baltic birch is thicker than the facade of most pressed woods, giving it extra lift and strength. Since each layer is made of Baltic birch, you can sand this wood to solve your problems.
Standard pressed birch wood, however, has a slight facade (about 1 millimeter in thickness) that doesn’t stand up to sanding systems. All things considered, standard birch-pressed wood is a decent decision when you have a project to paint something or have no desire to change the finish. For projects that require durability, Baltic birch is a good choice.


Second comparison

Standard compressed birch wood is more likely to have voids (openings in the handle layer). Voids can affect the underlying honor of any task, and large openings should be filled to give the wood greater strength. On the other hand, Baltic birch does not have many voids. The moment a void appears, most lumber providers will use a “knockout” to replace the void with an unblemished piece of wood. With almost no voids, Baltic birch offers more strength than its standard counterpart.


Third comparison

In terms of strength and steadiness, Baltic birch wood is hard to beat. It has about twice as many layers as standard pressed birch, and each layer is made of birch, not MDF, molecular loading, or one other type of center. With essentially no voids, a harder center, and a stable thickness, this wood grips and holds screws tightly. This gives Baltic birch the strength and power that standard birch wood requires, making it ideal for uncompromising tasks that need to hold weight.

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Fourth Comparison

Export Plywood Indonesia – Baltic birch and standard birch create a variety of styles when wrapped. Standard birch is perfect for painting, which can give your work an interesting look and variety. Baltic birch has a stable grain design that will generally become messy when stained. If you have the desire to change the presence of the wood, make use of gel colors or colors. Fortunately, Baltic birch has an attractive normal finish. Whether you show a predictable sample of grain from the face or back or utilize a presented edge to showcase the many layers of Baltic birch, it adds an interesting style to any project.

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