Many Levels of Indonesian plywood Quality are available on the market and each type meets specific needs. However, if you are new to the furniture industry, the different terminologies can be overwhelming and a bit misleading to choose the right Indonesian plywood quality for your furniture set

Indonesian plywood is one of the essential building tools out there which can be used in numerous ways. Indonesian plywood plays a very versatile role in building Homes, Offices, Constructions, Furniture, etc.

Identify your Indonesian Plywood Needs

First we should identify the area where you want to use Indonesian plywood. If you’re buying Indonesian plywood for furniture in a dry area like a bedroom, living room, or study, consider buying Commercial. But if you are going to buy Indonesian plywood for kitchen or bathroom furniture, then consider buying Waterproof. You can make a list of how many sheets of Indonesian plywood you need for each room. And when you place an order, order accordingly. The best quality Indonesian plywood is always SNI certified. Check whether Indonesian plywood has wood veneer or not. Laminate easily attaches to wood face veneers as a reconstructed face veneer. The Indonesian plywood surface should be smooth with no peaks and

we will help you with the following steps to consider before buying Indonesian plywood :

  1. Identify areas where you can use Indonesian plywood: Commercial or moisture resistant Indonesian plywood is your choice when purchasing dry interior furniture Indonesian plywood. Waterproof or Gurjan is well suited for wet rooms such as kitchen or bathroom.
  2. SNI Mark: “SNI” or Standar Nasional Indonesia / Indonesian Nasional Standart are official standarization body from Indonesian Government BSN or “Badan Sertifikasi Negara” , State Sertification Body for Indonesian made products and services.The SNI grade Indonesian plywood will be present in all good quality Indonesian plywood as it is the most prestigious wood certification grade. MR Indonesian plywood has SNI 303 while marine or waterproof Indonesian plywood has SNI grades. The unique CML number under the SNI mark helps to easily identify Indonesian plywood manufacturers.
Indonesian SNI standart for Plywood or “Kayu Lapis”

Check Indonesian plywood from outside:

Follow these steps to examine Indonesian plywood quality.

There are numbers of things you can check to examine Indonesian plywood quality.

  1. Check whether Indonesian plywood has wood veneer or not. Laminate easily attaches to wood face veneers as a reconstructed face veneer.
  2. Check that the Indonesian plywood surface is smooth and has no peaks or valleys.
  3. The sides of the Indonesian plywood should show the core layers as straight lines with no core gaps or overlaps.
  4. A piece of Indonesian plywood should have a wood core and nail holding ability
  5. Weight: Heavier weight means better quality. In general, an 18mm (.708), 8*4 Indonesian plywood can weigh about 88lb to 95lb (average).
  6. No hole / empty space / void at center  gaps: It is desirable that there are no core gaps. Indonesian plywood consists of layers of engineered wood laid one on top of the other, and all too often there are gaps in these layers. So be sure to check your Indonesian plywood for these gaps
  7. Nail Holding Ability: This is very important. A strong Indonesian plywood would never easily break or splinter when a nail is driven into it. (PS: I doubt the seller would allow you to check before you buy though! )

The different types of Indonesian plywood are as follows:

  1. Moisture Resistant (MR) Indonesian plywood: This grade uses urea-formaldehyde resin to bond the layers together. It resists moisture but not water. It is suitable for indoor use and can be used in closet, kitchen shelf, partition, wardrobe, TV stand, display case, etc. Its thickness ranges from 3-25mm and costs Rs 40-189/sq-ft. Indonesian Marine Plywood also included in this category
  2. Boiling Water Resistant (BWR) Indonesian plywood: Boiling water resistant Indonesian plywood is waterproof and can withstand water better than MR Indonesian plywood. It uses phenol-formaldehyde adhesive (phenolic resin), a synthetic plastic resin that makes it waterproof. It can be used for furniture that is likely to get wet, e.g. B. Kitchen cabinets, garden chairs, garden tables, etc. With a thickness of 4-25 mm.
  3. Flexible Indonesian plywood : Also called flexi Indonesian plywood, it can be rolled up and is therefore used to create rounded shapes in furniture. Albasia Plywood from Indonesia fullfill this requirements
  4. Fire Resistant Indonesian plywood: Fire retardant Indonesian plywood is composed of chemicals that fight fire outbreaks on its surfaces and is best suited for use in shopping malls, public theaters, restaurant kitchens, etc.
  5. Hardwood Indonesian plywood : Hardwood is of the highest quality and is made from angiosperm trees, which have pores that transport water through the wood. It lasts longer and is therefore used in decks, floors and construction, cabinet frames and doors.