Best Plywood Indonesia – Plywood has many benefits, one of which can be used as handmade furniture for fine art. Not only that, but plywood can make the interior decoration of the house stand out.

Plywood works well as a window covering during storms and appears in every type of construction work. However, relying solely on plywood for the construction and other “rough” jobs means missing out on this great material for creating unique home decor.

Built-in Plywood Furniture and Fixtures

To achieve satisfactory results in home decoration, you need to pay attention to all aspects. Built-in furniture is one of them, as it can add interest to almost any room. In smaller spaces, built-in furniture can give the optical illusion of more space while providing great storage. In larger rooms, the built-in aspect can provide warmth and comfort. Start small with a corner cabinet or butler’s pantry, both of which can add interest and provide practical storage space.

Also consider building floating plywood shelves, which have no visible sides, giving the home decor a more contemporary look. This style of shelving is supported by a simple yet sturdy wooden frame that is concealed by plywood sheathing on the outside. Mounted to the wall using wooden cleats capable of attaching to wall studs, floating shelves give a sophisticated feel and finishing touch to the room.

Best Plywood Indonesia – If we look at the strength and durability of plywood then it is no wonder this is one of the reasons why many quality kitchen cabinets feature plywood construction. For kitchen cabinets material must be strong, this is because kitchen cabinets receive a lot of wear and tear. Cabinets are often opened and closed, sometimes when closing it is also not very soft and repeatedly throughout the day. Cabinets are also often exposed to moisture, oil, heat, and many more. Indonesian plywood is resistant to all these issues, which is why it is excellent as built-in furniture throughout the home.

Plywood Furniture

When you want to make or buy plywood furniture, you should pay attention to the plywood-veneer. Choose a high-quality one because it is very suitable for furniture construction. Each outer piece of plywood has a different quality Veneer, its cut or rotary slices. Choose those that come from high-quality Indonesian wood from a variety of different tree species. If you do the right handling, then stained high-grade plywood can produce a beautiful piece of furniture. It usually takes only one sheet of 4′ x 8′ plywood to make a piece of furniture.

The table can utilize the thin plywood panel size perfectly. The tabletop made of wood consists of several parts that are glued together. Plywood tables have one line of wood connected from end to end. However, if you use plywood material then it does not need to be limited to use on the table surface. Plywood can be used as a good table leg, the surface of plywood can feature thin and clean lines while providing strength and stability.

Plywood is one of the materials of choice in making sophisticated, modern, and uniquely designed chairs. Typically, the process involves steam bending the plywood to create a curved seating surface, and another process involves cutting sheets of plywood into innovative shapes. The strength and durability of plywood make it possible to create creative seating styles.

Furniture made of plywood has its artistry, it can feature elements of “stripes”. Plywood is made up of several different layers of wood. While the outer layer of veneer may consist of a beautiful wood grain, the inner layers vary in color, creating “stripes”. Dealing with edge stripes is a matter of your personal preference :

Cover the Edges: 

If a traditional look is required, or if you feel there is no need to accentuate the plywood finish on your furniture, then you can cover the edges. Two other simpler methods are:

  1. Edge banding works well for both curved and straight edges, for installation, you can use a heat gun and glue.
  2. Decorative molding can be applied with brads, this is useful for covering the edges of the plywood and offers the opportunity to match the decorative edge with other furniture in the room.

Assemble a unique “edgy” look: 

this is done utilizing careful sanding and staining, the layered look of plywood can give a beautiful feel to many pieces of furniture.

Artful Plywood Applications

Best Plywood Indonesia – While some people usually define “fine art” with an “I’ll know it when I see it” approach, usually artists can find different mediums for artistic expression. Some skilled painters use plywood as a canvas, or for uniquely put-together multi-deep wall hangings. Others create plywood sculptures, using the unique look of the veneer as an added accent in their work. To quote one such artist, using plywood transforms a sculpture from a “rather ordinary material into an “exotic visual experience.”

Don’t Hesitate to Use Plywood

Many assume that only high-quality wood can be used to make luxury furniture. However, that’s beyond price savings, plywood with high-quality veneers offers advantages that are not inferior to high-quality wood. Choose plywood that has hardwood veneers. This is because it is stronger and denser than pine, or other softwoods. Plywood can retain its shape better than many other types of wood. Most importantly, it can be very beautiful.

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