Asian Quality Plywood – In recent decades, plywood panels have become a very popular material. Many people use plywood for home decoration purposes. So for now, plywood can be found in every home in various countries, especially in Indonesia.
But what are the reasons that make plywood so desirable?

In this article, Mega Plywood Indonesia will discuss everything about the rise of plywood.
Let’s get started!

The Rise of the Plywood Industry

Asian Quality Plywood – To know the popularity of plywood, we can look at its manufacturing process and function. In fact, plywood consists of thin sheets that are then glued together with special glue.

Then, it is pressed and baked with high heat.
Some of the reasons for the increasing demand for plywood in Indonesia are:


The first reason is in terms of strength

Plywood has greater strength than regular wood panels, depending on the layers such as 3-ply, 5-ply, 7-ply, or even 16-ply. This makes one thing clear, that plywood is one of the most durable and strong materials to use.

At Mega Plywood Indonesia you can choose the quality of plywood according to your needs.

E-Way Bill System

The second reason is that the e-way bill system

Asian Quality Plywood – one of the compliance mechanisms has greatly influenced the shift of plywood manufacturing from the unorganized sector to the more organized sector.

This system ensures that the purchase of high-quality raw materials for commercial projects by builders can be easily documented and authorized.

Quality Materials

The third reason for quality materials

As the economic sector grows, customer preferences shift from low-grade plywood to premium branded plywood. Mega Plywood Indonesia has export standard-quality plywood that can be shipped worldwide.

What makes Indonesian plywood so good?

Indonesia is one of the tropical countries that have a lot of wood with the best quality. This makes Indonesian plywood of good quality in terms of durability, strength, and more.

However, here are some other reasons why Indonesian plywood is a great material for your home decor:

  • Attractiveness – In terms of appearance and visuals, plywood offers the appeal of real wood.
  • Strength – Quality Indonesian plywood offers good strength and durability.
  • Efficiency – Apart from being affordable, plywood is also easy to work with. This allows builders to work faster.
  • Versatility – Plywood is available in various grades, designs, and finishes. Making it easy to choose which one suits the current job.

Key Points

Plywood is a versatile material that offers strength, durability, and many other features that come with the manufacturing process.

Mega Plywood Indonesia is one of the leading plywood brands in Indonesia that offers the highest quality plywood with sizes and thicknesses that comply with International standards.

It is these reasons that make plywood increasingly popular today. Plywood is an excellent material to use, so if you want to renovate your home or workspace, choose quality plywood from Mega Plywood Indonesia.