Types of Plywood produced in Indonesia

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When it comes to construction, wood is one of the most commonly used materials. This is because wood is sustainable, has natural resistance to fire, and comes in many different varieties.
Even though Indonesia is known for being a predominantly tropical country, there are still regions that experience colder winters. These places also have forests where trees can be harvested for construction purposes.
Plywood is a type of engineered wood that consists of thin layers or veneers of tree bark with the outermost surface coated with resin to prevent moisture and humidity from seeping into the core of the plywood. It has a variety of different applications in construction such as subfloors, wall paneling, ceiling tiles, and even flooring planks! If you’re looking for where to find plywood in Indonesia, keep reading…

Where to Find Plywood in Indonesia

The best place to find plywood in Indonesia is in a plywood manufacturing plant. A plant is the most efficient place to harvest, process, and make plywood due to the high level of machinery and automation. If you can find a plywood manufacturing plant in your area, this is definitely where you’ll want to go. On top of that, you’ll be able to see how plywood is made from start to finish!

Types of Indonesian plywood from MPI

Tempo and Merbau

Tempo and merbau are commonly used timbers in Indonesia. They are both hardwoods that are great for construction. These timbers are both sustainably harvested, meaning that they are harvested in way that doesn’t negatively impact the environment or cause the trees to become endangered. Tempo and merbau are often used in the production of decorative plywood panels. They are also the most common types of plywood used in Indonesia.

Bamboo plywood

Bamboo is a common material used in construction in tropical climates, due to the fact that it is naturally resistant to rot and decay. Bamboo plywood is made from bamboo that has been mechanically processed and then pressed into a sheet of plywood. Bamboo plywood is generally easier to find in tropical climates such as Indonesia, as well as places like Southeast Asia and South America. Bamboo plywood has a higher moisture content than other types of plywood and should be allowed to acclimatize to the climate before constructing with it. Bamboo plywood doesn’t contain any resin or formaldehyde, making it eco-friendly by default.

Ara fir plywood

Ara fir plywood is made from the timber of the Ara tree, which grows in Indonesia and other parts of Southeast Asia. The Ara tree is a species of fir, so it has similar properties to most other types of fir timber. Ara fir plywood is a strong and durable type of plywood. However, it is also susceptible to moisture damage, so it should be kept indoors or in a dry environment. Ara fir plywood is an affordable alternative to Meranti plywood, as it is much cheaper to produce. This also means that it’s a more affordable option for consumers.

Meranti plywood

Meranti is a type of tropical hardwood from Indonesia that is commonly used to make plywood. Meranti is a very common type of plywood in Indonesia, and it’s also used to make everything from flooring to cabinets. Meranti is a very durable and strong type of plywood. It can also be stained and sanded to a variety of different finishes and colours. Meranti plywood is generally more expensive than Ara fir plywood. It is also a little more difficult to find outside of Indonesia, especially in large quantities.

Sumali ply-plywood and limbah besi

Sumali ply-plywood and limbah besi are two types of plywood that are commonly produced in Indonesia. However, they are not commonly used in construction, so you would be hard-pressed to find them anywhere.

Summing up

As you can see, there are many different types of plywood that are produced in Indonesia. You can visit a plywood manufacturing plant in your area in order to see where you can find plywood in Indonesia. If you’re looking for where to find plywood in Indonesia, keep in mind that you might want to consider the types of wood used, as well as its durability and moisture content.

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