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Mega Plywood adalah manufaktur Kayu Lapis terkemuka di Indonesia. Mega Plywood fokus menyediakan Plywood Indonesia berkualitas dengan berbagai jenis spesifikasi. Mega Plywood mampu menyediakan berbagai jenis triplek kepada seluruh pelanggan dari seluruh dunia dan Indonesia, sehingga berapa pun jumlah permintaan triplek Anda, kami dapat memenuhinya.

Founded in 2016, Our Company Focuses on providing Plywood Needs in several Region of Indonesia and globally for industrial Citizen plywood needs

We Are Located in Central Java, so we can easily produce best javanese wood plywoods. In central Java , you can find various types of wood such as : Albizia Falcata, Meranti, Havea Brasiliensis, Mahogany, Tectona Grandis and Pine wood.

As Indonesian Plywood Manufacture, But we also Produce other kinds of plywoods other than javanese woods material

In this website we will explain our various kinds of plywood production to meet your company’s needs. We are ready to hold face-to-face or online discussions to reach a mutual agreement regarding the plywood production you need

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